Private: Happy Birthday Chiara Ferragni turns 34 history, battles and successes of the most famous influencer entrepreneur in Italy.
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To celebrate it, in addition to Fedez, Leone and little Vittoria, there are also 23 million followers. The Ferragnez myth does not fade, rather it feeds on the couple's initiatives for the defense of civil rights by Emanuela Minucci 07 May 2021 6 minutes read.
Magnifico Magnificient Marketing Fedez and Chiara Ferragni the Most Beautiful Couple in the World. Good luck you have given some great Web Marketing Lessons. Goalllll UBM10

 Fedez and Francesca Michelin Magnifico Magnificent Thank You Fedez

At the social sanctuary everyone is ready to greet Wonder-Chiara on 7 May, perhaps toasting with vintage bubbles by Evian-Ferragni for 8 euros per quarter of a liter of water. Bottles that some of his more than 23 million followers keep in a mini-bar guarded by a super-lashed blue eye, the logo of his super-media brand. An even more attentive birthday after Fedez's disruptive accusations against RAI censorship and homophobia at the concert on May 1st. And her declaration of love: "I could not be more proud of what Fede did tonight. Having the courage to go against everyone to say what you think is not a trivial matter." A golden couple for a love that has become a fairy tale 4.0 and which feeds not only on the glamorous myth of Chiara and the tenderness of the two mini stars of the house, Leone and Vittoria, and of Matilde the bulldog (who since Vittoria demands more caresses), but also of a social commitment that has seen them at the forefront of the battle against Covid.

Chiara Ferragni and the others: how Influencers are changing Fashion and Beauty Marketing.

di Elisabetta Candido

Chiara as seen by Harward bosses.

The Harvard Business School has been involved in the holding of Ferragni, a model of digital 4.0 success. And in the last year, great professors have compared the Ferragni brand to that of Amuchina (but also stronger stuff, like Just Eat, the manufacturers of pulse oximeters and Amazon). Reason? During the pandemic, their turnover (just like that of the brands mentioned) went big. This is because - they argue overseas - Chiara, instead of fragrant hamburgers or folding tables, delivered the dream, or rather the story, of a smiling life to people's homes. During this year armored for everyone, she and Fedez wanted their second child, who after a dense series of festive live web ultrasounds, is now a delightful one and a half month old baby girl with blue eyes like her mother. Here is a practical and consoling message from the queen of the virtual world: there is life beyond Instagram, she smiles and is already the smallest influencer on the planet, closed in her diaper covered by her mother's clothes. And again in this year of pandemic, which cannot be more depressed and static, the ex-girl who founded the blog The Blonde Salad in 2009, together with her husband receives the Ambrogino d'oro for their commitment to fundraising ( one of the many launched by them via social networks) during the Covid emergency which made it possible to create a new intensive care at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan in record time. And then he joined the board of Tod's, making him immediately hit the stock market, plus 14 percent. And between a new commitment as a digital entrepreneur and a birthday party for Leone, the platinum-born eldest son, Chiara also decided to put a video online against the obsession with perfect form. She recovered her post-pregnancy tummy with the iPhone 11, explaining to those who follow her that that extra inch of life (almost invisible to tell the truth) shouldn't have become a problem. Here, along with the little hearts, resentful comments also flocked: “But that would be belly? Chiara don't make fun of us ”. But in the meantime, the “body positivity” post was seen by 12 million and 200 thousand people. Chiara doesn't care about criticism, but looks and posts.

A little video of Chiara great entrepreneur and intuitive of what the web could give, studying it, loving it, with passion criterion only in this way can you achieve certain results.
In all great experiences you have to sweat it. But if you love what you do, you won't even work a day.
Chiara Ferragni is a valid example that has shown that with a good image, an idea, the right products, excellent results can be obtained, but the magic recipe is always the same Social Web Marketing.

Umberto Bruno Italia

Soon we will tell you a nice thing about Red Bull a nice surprise.

RedBull Gives Wiiings Enter the Official RedBull Blog Click on the Image. Swan. Fedez and Francesca Michielin.

OREO BY CHIARA FERRAGNI: THE CAPSULES THAT FREE YOUR STYLE! What better combination than that between food and fashion? Captivating, fresh and super pop are the keywords of the collaboration between the most famous digital entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, and Oreo, the number 1 biscuit in the world.

Chiara Ferragni has designed for Oreo Double, the classic Oreos but with a double layer of cream (yes, they are very good!), A limited edition packaging on sale from March in a selected network of retail outlets. The package is made in perfect Chiara Ferragni style: covered with a cascade of iconic Eyelike, the symbol with the iconic eye of her brand, combined with the Oreo biscuit according to a cool, fun and colorful moodboard.
A beautiful story of communication with your digital technologies, the demonstration that the Web and a good idea, a good product, and an excellent team work lead to these goals.
Greetings again Chiara

Umberto Bruno Italy

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